Dr. Dale on Quail Podcast | Episode 7: 2019 – 2020 Quail Hunting Season:  What’s Ahead?

This month’s episode of our Dr. Dale on Quail podcast covers our forecast for the 2019-20 quail hunting season.  Get the latest scoop on population estimates and learn which factors take us from “boom” to “bust” seasons and vice-versa. Dr. Dale and Gary Joiner also discuss which areas are bright spots for quail numbers, hunting considerations and why Texas has such a long quail season and liberal bag limits.

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Dr. Dale on Quail is your podcast home for all things quail. Each month, Dr. Dale Rollins and his co-host, Gary Joiner of the Texas Farm Bureau, engage in great conversations about wild quail, conservation issues, research updates, common quail questions and other quail focused topics. We appreciate the support of Gordy & Sons Outfitters for making this podcast possible.

We aim for this podcast to be a resource for every student of quail.


The Rolling Plains Quail Research Foundation (RPQRF) is a 501(C)(3) Nonprofit focusing on one thing: understanding and managing Bobwhite and Scaled Quail in West Texas. Everything we do centers around quail and quail hunting, as reflected by our mission: to preserve Texas’ heritage of wild quail hunting for this, and future, generations.  You Can Make A Difference


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