Brenda Anderle, Gainesville, and her business partners, Jill Fuhrmann and Rachel Bowles, are stepping out on their own to start a new business with new opportunities and challenges.

One of those challenges is medical insurance for a handful of people who have different needs. Anderle shares her story about how a group insurance policy from Cattle Raisers Insurance (CRI) is helping them get the coverage they need to meet these differing needs, and still stay within their expected price range for premiums.

Anderle is a physician assistant and Bowles is a nurse practitioner. Together, they are opening a clinic. Separately, their families run ranches and are members of Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA).

“We found that we had different insurance needs,” she says. Anderle has two children who had been covered by her late husband’s insurance policy. “I have the higher deductible policy and Rachel has the lower deductible policy, since her children are younger.” Bowles is also providing insurance for her husband, who runs the family ranch.

Anderle knew that TSCRA offered insurance policies, so that seemed to be a good starting point for researching options.

“I explained our situation to Jeanette Ortega at the office. She was incredibly helpful. Jeanette explained that I would be able to buy group insurance for our new practice,” instead of Anderle having to purchase an individual policy that would restrict her to HMO networks. “I wouldn’t have thought we would qualify for group insurance,” Anderle says.

She compliments Ortega for being able to answer all her questions without hesitation. “She made me feel very confident that this is possible. I am familiar with insurance policies,” Anderle says and knew what she paid for the insurance she had through her past employer.

The group policy she found through CRI “is actually comparable to the insurance I had to pay for at the job I left. I was pleasantly surprised because I figured I’d end up paying more.”

This is a win-win situation, she says. She and her business partner are covered by a plan that is flexible enough to take into account the different needs of their families.

As a rancher, Anderle raises commercial Red Angus and wheat. She sells the steers and develops the heifers to sell as open or bred heifers.

Now ranching on her own, Anderle says she relies on the groundwork her husband laid at the ranch and on the lessons he taught them. “Doug taught us well. Now I’m trying to figure out what makes the most sense for me and what I enjoy,” she says.

If you would like information on a group medical insurance policy, call CRI at 800-252-2849, or visit

Did you know you can purchase a group medical plan throughout the year?

If you are not satisfied with your current medical coverage and believe you may be a candidate for group health insurance, 2 or more individuals or a husband and wife, with the proper business documents, you may qualify for group health insurance offerings. Group medical plans offer a variety of deductibles, plan and network options. Call the Cattle Raisers Insurance team to find out more details at 1-800-252-2849